National Neuroscience Institute of Singapore (NNI) Newsletter



3D Cognitive Rehabilitation Immersive System - adapted from Cogni3D

This is an immersive wall system on which the 3D environment such as kitchen and supermarket will be displayed in which the patient will be performing daily tasks such as preparing breakfast in the kitchen or buying a food item in the supermarket as part of his or her cognitive rehabilitation.

The proposed system includes a 3D projector which projects the 3D content onto a screen and the user will be standing or sitting in front of the screen and he will interact with the 3D content with a flystick to be tracked by a tracking system. The user will wear a pair of 3D glasses so that he can see the 3D in stereoscopic effect.

The user will feel he is immersed in the environment and has the ability to perform the different daily tasks with ease.